Mesagne (Brindisi)


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Terracotta Food Space

Terracotta Food Space is an innovative restaurant that combines the English tradition with the Italian quality.

A food concept that allows you to taste an innovative product made with the best Apulian raw materials.


Terracotta Food Space uses all the best products of Puglia, creating an innovative Baked Potato with an exceptional flavor.

Burrata, Capocollo di Martina Franca, Stracciatella and Patata Pasta Gialla are just some of our carefully selected ingredients.

In addition to the famous potatoes, we also serve tasty baguettes and elegant salads seasoned with top quality products.

An internal and welcoming room, to which is added an outdoor space during the warm summer evenings.



Our potato is placed in a special cast-iron oven made in England, which makes it possible to obtain a soft product inside with a crispy skin.

Once the cooking is finished, the potato is seasoned inside with oil and with several fresh products that give it an exceptional taste

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