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Salento Bici Tour is a Social Promotion Association established in 2011 from the idea and passion of two young people from Salento: Carlo and Francesco.

We want to contribute to the spread of the bicycle as a means of locomotion, to develop cycling tourism in Salento, to stimulate a critical knowledge of the territory and the landscape, to support and give visibility to companies and local virtuous realities.

We collaborate with Administrations, Local Authorities, schools, in projects on sustainable mobility and environmental education.

We organize guided hikes and bicycle trips to enjoy the Salento slowly and with all the senses – even the forbidden ones – right up to its most hidden corners.

More generally, Salento Bici Tour promotes a lifestyle focused on reducing consumption, energy and more, to put a brake on the immoderate use of the car, offenses to the landscape, productivist philosophies that damage the environment and health of people: we believe that the bicycle is one of the many keys that can open the doors to a wiser, fairer world, more aware of the limit.

We offer visitors and the resident population the opportunity to walk through the territory slowly, at the pace dictated by their strength, to know it or rediscover it: too many important things escape, in the closed compartment of a car, the nose, the eyes, the ears … We have the ambition to give them back to you!

Why choose Salento Bici Tour for your cycling holiday?

The beautiful season, which starts in March and ends in November, the area almost completely flat (ideal terrain for families or for those who are at its first experience of cycling, the sea is always a stone’s throw away, the many things to see … and to taste, they make Salento the ideal place for cycling.

Mediterranean cuisine, good Negramaro wine, a splendid sunset over the sea are good reasons to choose a destination .. but it is something that you can also find elsewhere or with other companies. We offer you (also!) Other: it is not just about places and flavors, but also and above all people.

Those who travel by bicycle want to get to know in depth the territory they pass through, their traditions, the stories that animate them, and those who live there. Traveling with us you will meet the baker who cultivates an ancient variety of wheat to knead his bakery products, The restaurateur passionate about Mediterranean cuisine, the former economist peasant who has decided to leave the world of finance to cultivate the land, The graduate who decided to become a craftsman to recover his art from ancient art.

The Passion inspires us: we are a group of young people who have decided to return to their homeland, to devote themselves to the harmonious development of the territory, to travel by hosting travelers from all over the world at home. We know our territory thoroughly and we want you to discover it in the best possible way: by bike.

Salento Bici Tour is first and foremost a project that deals with environmental education, to spread the use of bicycles among the local population, to make everyone – locals and travelers – reflect on the model of civilization in which we live. For us it is a way of being in the world, of saying who we are, of meeting other worlds. We hope you will share it with us, even for a few days.