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Nato con lo Zaino
Nato con lo Zaino


“Just as a tailor makes a dress with needle and skein, NATO CON LO ZAINO thinks, designs and delivers personalized Travel Itineraries that are different every time, created on the basis of the requests of every type of traveler.

We plan every moment of the day in detail

Step by step, we accompany our customers to discover the places they have chosen to visit, suggesting attractions not to be missed, local food and wine experiences, trips and activities to do.

We constantly provide the best tips on paid attractions, so you can save on inputs.

To make each itinerary unique, we provide an online questionnaire to fill out: our customers show us the destination to visit, their desires, expectations, budget and travel needs.

With the information requested, the NATO CON LO ZAINO staff  will work to organize, step by step, your personalized Travel Itinerary: we will plan your movements, we will advise you on the attractions that you cannot miss, we will show you the most convenient transports, the best food and wine experiences and the funniest activities to perform, following the instructions on your profile.

NATO CON LO ZAINO also offers a personalized assistance service from 9 am to 20 pm – Monday to Saturday: we will handle your requests in real time !!