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There are many places in Puglia we should visit once in a lifetime.

A region full of history, churches, beaches, crystal sea, mountains etc etc.

From Salento to Gargano, the show has no end.

In the north of Puglia, in a small and beautiful town in the province of Foggia, there is a place with disarming magic.

Monte Sant’Angelo hosts, in fact, a place declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel.

Initially born as a “pagan temple”, it has been able to cross the centuries acquiring more and more religious importance; its origin can be dated around the fifth century, when miraculous apparitions of the Archangel Michael took place.

If you decide to see this beautiful part of Puglia, you cannot miss this place.

The words of Archangel Michael welcome pilgrims at the entrance of the sanctuary: “terrible this place, here is the house of God, here is the door to heaven”.

An imposing octagonal bell tower overlooks the entrance to the Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel; a splendid tower built between 1274 and 1282, consisting of 5 bells and almost 40 meters high.

To get to the top you have to climb 99 steps and then enjoy all the beautiful view of the Gargano and its unspoiled nature.

Once you have entered the sanctuary entrance, you are catapulted into an environment full of spirituality and history; a long staircase consisting of 86 steps leads to the “Porta del toro” and the lower atrium where there are the Bronze Doors.

These doors are very important for this place because they lead to the millenary cave and because they report, on the arch above them, the words of St. Michael which indicated this as “the place where all the sins of men are washed”.

The cave is beautiful, natural, very simple and with an altar that preserves a marble statue of St. Michael the Archangel dating back to 1507.

This is the symbol of this site, the point where the apparitions of St. Michael took place.

This place so special and important for all the faithful of the world has been included by National Geographic among the 10 most beautiful sacred caves in the world.

Another recognition for Puglia and for its millennial history.

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