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Vittorio Brandi is a fine man from Ostuni who chose sports to achieve a set of objectives seemed impossible.

His perseverance and his stubbornness have led him to achieve important results both sporting and human, as well as a series of international awards. have decided to tell his story because it represents a kind of example in defeating prejudices and barriers.

Vittorio Brandi has conquered, merit, the appellation of “Apulia Torchbearer”; he did it through a path officially started in 2012 and continued until 2018.

In fact, the story of this sportsman and his battles started a long time ago, when he was still a basketball player who had decided to make his way in that world, despite a limitation on his right arm.

He was driven by a great willpower.

In 2012, Samsung Italy decided to include his story in the process of selecting torchbearers for the London 2012 Olympics; a candidacy that passes to the test of the IOC – International Olympic Committee and that catapults him, unexpectedly, to the most important world sporting event as ambassador of sporting values.

300 meters traveled with the awareness of having achieved a hardly predictable goal until a few years before.

A 6-year journey, made up of participation in national and international events.

A path of continuous growth, consecrated with participation in another Olympics Games: PyeongChang 2018.

Vittorio Brandi has decided to devote his life experience to all those sports activities that allow inclusion and that allow participation to all, embodying the sporting values ​​promoted by the Olympic Games.

He was ambassador of BASKIN (a sport that allows the sharing of the discipline to able-bodied and disabled people, in order to eliminate any kind of barrier) and of the Puglia Federation of Badminton (a little known but expanding Olympic sport) and continues, incessantly , to promote and disseminate the sports disciplines.

His decided to tell his personal experience through a book called “Il pallone che rotolò fino alle Olimpiadi” (The ball that rolled up to the Olympics)

In 2018, however, his last book was released:”300 beats”.

“300 beats” tells the growth path started in 2012, with a more detailed description of the emotions and feelings arising from the last Olympic experience, with direct testimonies of BASKIN players and some parents of disabled athletes and a preface written by Loredana Orifici, Sponsorship Manager of Samsung Electronics Italy.

Vittorio Brandi does not set any limits; his real goal is to transmit the beauty of sport and sharing to new generations.

He does it with simplicity, always looking with optimism to the future.


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