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The Gargano is definitely a fundamental part of Puglia, able to preserve ancestral traditions that blend with a diverse and wild landscape.

There are many characteristic villages of this hilly area from which the heel of Italy develops.

Among all these small realities, however, one rises to the queen of the territory because of the geographical position, the beauty of the sea and the monuments: we are talking about Vieste.

Vieste is a village with a population of fourteen thousand people and it is located inside the Parco del Gargano.

It’s internationally known for its landscapes, its characteristic streets that are interwoven with each other and for a crystal clear sea that has been awarded with the Blue Flag several times.

It is the village that faces further east inside the promontory of Gargano and it is included between two “points” that delimit the boundaries: Punta di San Francesco and Punta di Santa Croce.

The first constitutes the old part, with a whole series of houses and historical residences that have been preserved over time; the second, on the other hand, rises lower and it is the seat of the modern social life of the town thanks to the presence of the town hall and the marina (from which ferries leave for the marvellous Tremiti Islands).

Vieste allows you to enjoy a historical and landscape heritage without equal: from the imposing castle to the concathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, from the necropolis La Salata to the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Merino, from the Umbrian forest to the beautiful caves dug in rock.

Of course, then, is important to mention the beautiful Castel Beach and the huge monolith that stands as guardian of the seas: the monolith of Pizzomunno.

This large limestone takes its name from a legend of two young lovers, Pizzomunno and Cristalda, divided by jealousy.

An ancient tale that reinforces even more the importance of traditions in a village that has become a symbol of the northern part of Puglia.

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