Ostuni, the white city

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A village known because of the white lime that spreads over all the houses.

Ostuni, better known as the White City, has been able to build a very important tourist fame in the last twenty five years.

Its proximity to the sea, its being on the border with the beautiful Itria Valley and its endless expanses of olive trees make it a pearl of great beauty.

This lively town has known kingdoms that have succeeded over the centuries and has always maintained the candour that distinguishes it; coming from Bari, in fact, you can see the small hill on which rises that exalts the peculiarity.

Everything revolves around the ancient village, defined “the land” by the Ostunesi, which branches in narrow streets articulated and connected between them starting from the main square, the square of freedom where you can admire the beautiful column dedicated to Sant’Oronzo.

The monument that certainly deserves more attention, however, is the concathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which is located on the highest hill of the White City and represents an example of architectural particularity because of the strange shape dictated by the plant to three Aisles.

Ostuni is a village that offers sea (with its marine among which stands out the embattled coast), tradition (with the large number of farms scattered throughout the countryside), breathtaking scenery.

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