Castellana Caves

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The Castellana Caves are certainly among the most popular sites of natural interest in Italy.

Over the years they have been able to conquer an increasing number of visitors, who want to see up close this huge chasm that seems to tear the earth apart.

The discovery of this amazing natural heritage dates back about 80 years ago when, in 1938, the Speleologist Franco Anelli was called by chance to visit a place that for the locals represented a sort of bottomless hole.

What he discovered was a cave more than 70 meters deep leading to a parallel reality; a conglomeration of stalactites and stalagmites, a magical place often chosen to frame films and theatrical representations.

Professor Anelli should not even have visited Castellana: he had been called, in fact, to see the caves of Putignano but was asked to fall in this place that so much fear caused in the populations, succeeding then to discover a site that rightly has been able to attract more than 15 million visitors during the years.

The main cave inside the Castellana Caves is surely the white cave, astonishing for its peculiarity and for its candor, the final destination of an underground journey that starts from the main cavity called the Grave and passes through areas with the most diversified names and colors  (such as the Grand Canyon or the Black Cave).

Recent studies have also confirmed that the part visited and currently discovered represents only a part of the assets found on this site; there would be, in fact, new branches and cavities that are just waiting to be usable by an audience that is more and more fascinated by this mystical place.

Today Puglia and its tourist expansion have allowed this place to become a symbol of unique nature.

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