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Gallipoli, the Pearl of the Ionian, the town that in a few years has been able to become a point of reference in the Italian summer panorama with its avant-garde structures and a tourist project focused on young people.

From the end of the ‘90s, Gallipoli was the place that represented at best the esponential growth of Puglia tourism; previously, in fact, the niche of visitors consisted largely of people who were accustomed to travel and who loved to visit the monuments and landscapes that this place is able to offer.

In the last ten years, Gallipoli has literally taken the place of the Riviera Romagnola, opening the door to a tourism that focuses heavily on young people and a whole range of services and entertainment provided for four months a year.

A sort of twin of Otranto that faces the opposite side, much less aristocratic but equally beautiful.

Gallipoli consists of two main parts, the old and the new part, perfectly delineated by a bridge of ‘ 600 that connects them; the first hosts all the major monuments of the Baroque Style , the second is a modern place full of restaurants and hotels.

The name of this place seems to mean “beautiful city” in ancient Greek and shows the ancient origin that goes back a few centuries before Christ. 

Walking through this town, starting from the new part and going towards the monumental beauties, the first masterpieces that meet are the Greco-Roman fountain (the oldest fountain in Italy whose origins are still uncertain) and the Angevin castle (used as fortress and entirely surrounded by the sea).

Entering the historical center, then, a riot of Baroque art (Basilica of Sant’Agata and Palazzo Tafuri) and ancient churches and palaces perfectly preserved.

But Gallipoli is famous especially for the crystal clear sea and the crowded beaches.

The most touristy are certainly the beautiful Punta della Suina, Rivabella, Lido San Giovanni and Lido Pizzo, although the preferred by the locals remains surely the beach of Purità, perfectly set in the beautiful scenery of old town.

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