Castel Del Monte

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One of the most known places in Puglia, thanks to its rare form and the mystery around its origin.

Castel del Monte is one of the three most important archaeological-historical sites of this long region (together with the caves of Castellana and the Trulli of Alberobello) and has been the recognition of UNESCO as World Heritage in 1996.

It rises on a small promontory surrounded by unspoilt nature, in the secluded Murgia that hosts rural landscapes of great beauty.

This castle, originally, took the name of the small hamlet in which it rises and was named Castello di Santa Maria del Monte. 

It was presumably erected around 1240 at the behest of one of the most important characters in the history of southern Italy, that Frederick II who we find as a leading figure in many historical stories of Puglia.

Castel del Monte has always hidden a halo of mystery and has always managed to attract many visitors mainly because they continue to make different theories regarding its origin and function. Just think that it cannot be considered a fortress because it rises on an easily visible and attackable plateau and is not surrounded by protective ditches; It may not even have been a real residence because few are the gifts ornaments inside it and not even a hunting lodge because there are no stables.

Surely the fortress was very dear to Frederick II and was erected taking great account of geometry and astronomy (just think that there are 8 octagonal towers on a perimeter also octagonal).

Starting from its position (for many attributable to choices of astronomical nature), passing through the play of lights and shadows that takes into account the periods of the year and the solstices, Castel del Monte manages to preserve a mystical nature that make it an indecipherable place and one of the few Italian archaeological sites of primary importance still shrouded in a patina of “not knowledge”.

Surely a particular place, visited every year by a very high number of tourists who want to know closely the masterpiece of the enigmatic Frederick II.

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