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It took us many months to give life to this wish we had in the drawer for so long.

We wanted to do something beautiful, special, something for our Puglia; We wanted to give space to all the tour operators in Puglia to create an online platform different from the others.

This is the first article in’s new blog.

After much work we finally gave birth to this new start up entirely Made in Puglia.

The blog will be a point of reference for all tourists who want to come and visit a land full of beauties, natural landscapes, monuments, history, traditions.

We will try to be different from other blogs, telling stories of people as well as places.

We will try to make feel the tourists like at home, giving them the opportunity to know more about the most important tourist destinations appreciated by all, but also the stories and peculiarities of Puglia.

We will try to tell you more about Puglia with simplicity.

In the first article of our blog we believe it is essential to tell you how the idea arose to create this tiny platform that will become increasingly larger;  the idea was born from the desire to create something of our own and special, able to provide a tourist service in Puglia through the cooperation between all the operators in the sector.

Of course we did not know how to do and we did not know where to take the money we needed to open our company: luckily, to come to the rescue, there was the project PIN-Apulian Innovative People and the European Social Funds.

We presented our candidacy, we won and then we started to create our own company starting from scratch.

Today we can say that we have finished the first step: finally we have a real site (which is essential for an online platform).

The second step will be for our web app: for friends who use so much the beloved mobile phone.

Then everything else will come, but step by step.  is a simple online showcase that wants to give space to all the tourist operators in Puglia.

It is divided into four main sections: where to sleep, food and wine, tourist guides and cultural associations.

We decided to develop the project in 4 languages because we want to be more and more international, with an eye for Italian but also for international tourism.

Puglia is now the main destination of many tourists who come from all over Europe and provide a platform in a single language there seemed very restrictive.

With this option, however, we want to give everyone the opportunity to organize the holiday they prefer, staying in the place they prefer, choosing the restaurant they like most, visiting Puglia with a professional tourist guide and, perhaps, be part of the  events organized by one of several cultural associations along Puglia.

This is our story.

We are still very young, but we will grow more and more thanks to all those who believe in us.

We believe in Puglia and believe in tourism as a form of mutual enrichment.

We believe in stories and people.

We believe in our goals and want to reach them through the help of everyone.

Let’s start this path together and see what the beloved Apulia will offer us.



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