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To discover the real Puglia, you must, at least once, walk through the alleys of the old town of Alberobello.

Surely the most famous village of this long and rich land.

Alberobello is known for its characteristic houses called Trulli and, in 1996, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Impossible not to be captivated by the fascination of these buildings with dry domes and decorative pinnacles, the mysterious origin of which dates back to 1600.

Formerly used by the peasants as a winter dwelling (especially in the case of another municipality of the province of Bari, Locorotondo), the Trulli have been revalued and chosen as the symbol of an agricultural region that, in recent years, has been able to attract and conquer an international tourism fascinated by traditions and landscapes.

A symbol of the return to the old, the desire to exalt the beauties and culture of Puglia.

Taking a ride through the alleys of the old town entirely made up of Trulli, you have the impression of returning to a time away made of simplicity and hard work; It’s like being the protagonists of a fairy tale, in close contact with a simple and very mysterious place.

Entering into one of the typical buildings of the place, for example, allows you to admire closely a prodigy of architecture and human wisdom.

The construction of a trullo foresaw, in fact, specialization and ingenuity: the so-called “Masters Caseddari” placed small stones of a flat shape next to each other, forming a cone of absolute precision to which they added the white final Pinnacle .

One of the main customs of the past (which has been lost in time) also included the realization of symbols of worship painted along the roofs of the buildings.

The main districts that allow you to enjoy the beauties of this place are two: the Hague small district and the Rione Monti.

Inside the latter rises the church of Sant’Antonio, built in 1927 and also consists of a roof in the shape of a trullo.

Visiting Alberobello is a unique experience, a way to discover the history of a region with a thousand surprises.

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